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Ropes Group

Over 250,000 sessions of laser tag have been played at HeyDay since we opened September 18, 2007!

Come play the coolest game around!

Experience our 7,000 square foot, two-level laser tag arena and play game formats such as Invincible Mode, Super Rapid Fire, Elimination, Deactivator, Freeze Ray, and many more. We are the only laser tag facility in Oklahoma that offers these unique game formats. Players can cross bridges, travel up and down ramps, hide behind illuminated pillars, and weave between arches and passageways. Our arena is also enhanced with futuristic lighting, swirling fog and exhilarating sound-tracks.

Tuesday Nights Are Deactivator Nights
In deactivator mode, teams work together to tag opposing bases while defending their own base. During game play, random players from each team are selected to be the "deactivator". While in deactivator mode, that player scores big points by tagging opposing players who must return to their base once tagged to recharge.

Laser Tag Session Information:
  • A Laser Tag game is 15 minutes.
  • Each Laser Tag session starts on the hour and 15, 30, and 45 minutes after the hour.
Pricing Information:

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Session Rates:
  • 15 Minute Session - $7.39
  • Two 15 Minute Sessions - $14.00
  • Three 15 Minute Sessions - $20.00
Combinations Packages (Best Value):
  • Laser Tag and choice of Ropes or Mini-Golf - $13.00
  • Ropes Course and Mini-Golf - $12.50
  • Laser Tag, Ropes Course and Mini-Golf - $18.00

*Prices are per person and are subject to tax.
*Laser Tag equipment by Laser-Tron